Monday, June 18, 2012

Just a few more hours...

In just a few more hours, ok, more like 45 hours, our new little man will be joining our clan. We are so excited to meet him and see his little face.  What will he look like?  Will he look like me, will he look like the other kids, my hubby or his older brother (who doesn't look anything like the rest of us).

We are more then ready here in our home. To the point I think I have actually washed paint off the baseboards because I have scrubbed them so much. Last night My Sweetie was cleaning our carpets and said to me, I was being a bit too obsessive about my house being cleaned. Then I stated something to the fact that I was nesting. His quick response to me was that I have been nesting for the last four years...and I said, I have been pregnant for the last four years! To which we both started laughing.
My bags are packed and the babies clothes are all washed and ready to go. I just pray that the older children will do okay while I am away. I am sure they will be fine with my In-Laws, it's more me. I start missing my kids when I go to the grocery store at night. In fact, if I hear a baby cry at the store, my heart starts to ache every time! I just love my little growing bigger every day family.

I pray my next post that you will be seeing new pics of our new little guy!

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Jenny Seely said...

Yay! I was afraid that I missed it. Can't wait to meet him too.