Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the Garden: Japanese Snowball Bush

Over the years, every Spring, my husband and I have admired a bush growing on the side of the road near our home. A dark green bush that is filled with large white snow balls. Each time we would drive by, we always made a comment on how pretty it was. So, last year I started investigating on the Internet what type of plant it was. It was so gorgeous.

I found out that it was a Japanese Snowball bush and my honey surprise me one last April for my birthday. Poor boy drove all over creation to pick it up, only after calling every nursery in St. Louis!

When he got if for me, all the snowballs had already faded. But this year, it is looking gorgeous. We planted it behind the magnolia off to the side of our front porch. It will eventually grow to 8 feet and give us some nice shade on the right side of the front porch.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watching Daddy...

I just had to post this cute picture. The kids love watching their Daddy mow the lawn. Here they are, all lined up, watching their Daddy. He always stops by the window and gives kisses through the screen. They eagerly await him to stop and chat.

They also love preparing him ice water and running it out to him. Sometimes he lets Double D walk slowly behind him when he mows the grass. That is a big deal around here.

The kids sure do love their Daddy...but then again, so do I!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

In the Garden: Nanking Cherry

Ok, so there isn't much to say other then my stick now has leaves! I planted this a month ago now and it has so many green leaves on it. It also starting to branch out. So, I am actually impressed that the stick plant has leaves!

In a few years, I am hoping it will be packed with little cherries.

In the Garden: Alpine Strawberry

Every morning, the kids and I walk around the house inspecting the things that we have recently planted. It is a great way to talk about God and all the things He created. This morning we found a few little strawberries on our Alpine Strawberry plant.

So far, I am loving these little bush type plants. They have no runners and every few days have more and more blooms.

Here is Double D holding a little bitty strawberry. The kids love watching the flower turn into a strawberry. It is fascinating!

In the Herb Garden: Rosemary Topiary

I have to say, after all these years of growing herbs, I never realized that a Rosemary bush would bloom. Because of our milder Winter temperatures here in the St. Louis area over the last few years, my Rosemary Bush has not died. They use to die every year, and I would have to replace them. However, for the last three years, it has not died and continues to do quiet well.

Last year, I was trimming it and decided to cut it into a topiary. I am so thrilled with it, and continues to surprise me. This Spring, I noticed a tiny purplish bloom on a few branches and with further inspection noticed that the bush was full of tiny blooms ready to explode!

My kids love to walk by and grab a few Rosemary leaves and pop them in their mouths. They are going to have quite the herb palette when it's all said and done!