Monday, March 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

After having been off my typical schedule for the last two weeks, it is nice to get back into my normal routine again. I have missed planning my weekly menus and going grocery shopping. However, since I did just have a baby a little over a week ago, the only thing that I am not doing is the grocery shopping. So this evening, I sent My Sweetie to head out and conquer the grocery store with my weekly shopping list. I always love when he goes shopping for me because he buys snacks that I typically wouldn't purchase. Here is the menu for this week: Monday: Grilled Beef Taco's Tuesday: East Meets West Sushi Salad; steamed edamame Wednesday: French Chicken in A Pot; roast carrots Thursday: Cacio e Pepe Pasta Friday: Simply Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada's Saturday: The Best Easy Beef and Broccoli Sunday: Clam Chowder and French Bread

Friday, March 18, 2011

The First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face

March 18, 2011

After getting very little sleep the previous night, we headed to the hospital, leaving the house around 4:45 in the morning to be at St. Luke's Hospital by 5:30. I was filled with excitement, anxiety with a twinge of sadness having to be away from my other babies for several days.

After being checked into the hospital and finding out the my anaesthetist was the lady who had preformed my first one, I was filled with relief knowing what a great job she had done when Sissyboo was born. Sure enough, no pain with this epidural!

At 7:46 this little angel was held over the curtain and presented to me:

Missymoo 2011

I was full of joy! She was so tiny and had these tiny little features. Even though she weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

I often think about the first time I ever saw my children. What my first thoughts were, what was going on in my head when I first layed eyes on them. How was I feeling at the time of their births.

With Sissyboo it was love at first sight. I had waited my whole life to see her and my first thought was so that I was so blessed and full of joy. I often regret not giving her the middle name of Joy because she has filled my life so full of it.

Sissyboo 2008

With Double D, I remember my first thought upon seeing his little face was, I am so in love with him and then thinking, oh my word, he looks just like his Grandpa Larry!

Double D 2009

With Missymoo my first thoughts were she was perfect and tiny. Then I basically passed out because they gave me Benedryl because I have allergic reactions to the anesthesia.

Missymoo 2011

We are home relaxing now, and finding our way back to our daily routine. I am looking forward to getting back to blogging once again.

Thank you friends and family for all your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking A Break

With my new little one due to arrive in just a few short days, 17 to be exact, I have decided to take a break from blogging. I want to focus on getting the house ready as well as spending as much time with my two little ones as I can.

We have a few fun day trips planned (if my body will hold out) and one very special day that My Sweetie and I have devoted entirely to the kids.

Please pray for me. I get a bit nervous before each C-section. While I am up right away afterwards and usually doing things I am not suppose to be doing, I still get nervous. The thought of Sitting in the operating room while they give me my epidural makes me queasy. (Last time they hit a nerve.)

I look forward to being with you all again soon and showing off our new edition.

God Bless You, Lori