Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan for the Week of February 6-11

My menu for this week includes one of my favorite things: Blue Cheese! Oh how I love the stuff. I try my best to stay away from it while I am pregnant, but sometimes, it just gets the best of me.
I seriously crave the stuff. Plus, it doesn't help that my kids love the blue cheese crumbles. Just yesterday, Double D asked for it to go along with his cherry tomatoes.
However, the best blue cheese I have ever had, one that my husband and I still talk about 5 years later is called Roaring Forties Blue Cheese. Oh my word, is it delish. We had it on a wedge salad at some restaurant in Mississippi a long time ago, and still wish we could get our hands on some. Roaring Forties Blue Cheese is made by the Kings Island Dairy, on an island just north of Tasmania, Australia. The cheese is named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales which frequently bring westerly winds of more than 100 kms per hour to the island which lies on 40 degrees latitude.This gourmet cheese is a handcrafted cow's milk cheese made from milk from Australian cows. The Roaring Forties Blue is a full flavored blue with a sweet, mild, creamy and slightly nutty character, a rich mouth feel and good aftertaste. It is so delish.
Now that I am sitting here drooling, here is the menu for this week:
Monday: Subway (today was a busy, work day)
Tuesday: Cobb Salad with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing (leftover I made earlier in the week)
Wednesday: Turkey Burgers with Baked Potato Skins (craving the baked potato skins)
Thursday: Clam Chowder and fruit salad
Saturday: Papa John's (thank you for the free meal Papa John's)

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