Monday, February 4, 2013

Returning to My Magnolia Cottage

Currently my magnolia tree is covered in snow and the last time I blogged it was blooming.   I know I have been away from blogging for far too long.

What we have been up to lately is organizing our home to run smoother with six people, managing our money and taking better care with what we eat and finding time to exercise.

After this last baby, I wanted to set personal goals for myself.  Besides the usual lose weight goal.  I didn't want to just jump head first into my personal goals like giving up pop, take out food and junk food and exercising daily, all at one time.  But, I did need to start some where.  If I did too much, I was destined to fail.  So my hubby and I decided to take things month by month...and they are working!

First of all, back in October, my honey got a great deal on bottled water.  So, he had 11 cases of it delivered to our door (free shipping).  That was the end of drinking pop for me.  I quickly started drinking the water in place of the pop that I was drinking.  I used to drink a TON of pop.  Like, if pop was a drug, I was addicted.  So getting off of pop was the first thing I did.  By the middle of November, the bottles were all gone and I just drank filtered tap water now.  We are now a pop and soda free house! 

Next, we decided to stop fast food.  It was so easy to run through the drive-thru to full fill my pop addiction. However most times, I wouldn't just stop for me, I had to get the kids something, right?  So, the month of January, we have put an end to the drive-thru.  Guess what, not only did I last an entire month of not going through the drive-thru, but we made our budge goals. FIRST TIME ever!  All because we stayed  away from the junk food.  I had no idea how much going through the drive- thru here and there would effect our budget!  BUT did!

It is amazing how that all works hand in hand.  I also feel so much better with out the pop and the junk food.  I joined the lovely website called My Fitness Pal to keep track of my exercising and food in take.  I didn't work out every day of January, but I am working towards that goal.

So, that is what is going on here at Magnolia Cottage...I like to call it, Getting my act together.

Stay Tuned,

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