Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quirky Kids

I love my kids but they have the funniest little quirks. One of them is that they can not have anything out of order in their rooms. I have purposely never allowed them to have toys in their room so they wouldn't get distracted from sleeping. So, their rooms are always tidy. But if something gets out of place, no one can rest easy.

For instance, I found this the other day outside Katelyn's room.  It is the book I was reading to her and her empty water cup. I had mistakenly left them on her nightstand. She can't go to sleep with something out of order in her room, so she put them outside her door.

She is not the only one with night time quirks. Danny was crying the other night and Jason went to check on him. He was crying because one of his draws was left open! As soon as he shut the drawer, Danny was fine and went to sleep.

He also needs his cuddle blanket folded in thirds and tucked under his chin!

I love my kidlets and discovery what makes them tick! It always makes me smile.

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