Friday, January 29, 2010

One of my favorite things.

For years, I have loved visiting my little Grandmother Mary Elizabeth in Columbus, Indiana. While visiting, I have always had a great love for her beautiful china and asked her often about it. She said that one day, when I was married, that she would give it to me. She indicated that no one else in the family made mention of it and that she would be happy for me to have it.

So, several years ago, that is what she did. So here it is, one of most beautiful china patterns I have ever seen. I am so fortunate to have it. I just love the pattern on the inside. It goes so well with my pink depression glass collection too.

I have spent countless hours doing research about the pattern of the china. It is called Parisian by the Royal China Company out of Sebring, Ohio. The china was actually my Great Grandmother Lottie Mae Moore.

Ever since I was in high school (even before she gave me her set), I have been looking in antique stores trying to add to my collection. Now with the internet, I have made quite a few purchases from ebay as well.

I don't think my Grandmother will ever know how much it means to me to have her china.

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