Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seed Catalogs

My 2010 seed catalogs are arriving daily. One of my favorite things about January is ordering my seed catalogs. Then, when they finally arrive, I spend the evenings, reading them from front to back. By the time spring actually comes, the pages are worn down, covered in post-it notes and scribbled on.

I have always had a love for planting gardens or just growing something. I remember my first apartment in Cedarville, Ohio. It was back in 1995 and I had this tiny apartment that didn't even have air conditioning, but it did have a nice little porch. I remember planting a container of jalapenos and a container of peas. I was so excited when they actually grew!

Well, that was a few apartments and houses ago! Now, my hubby and I are planning our first veggie garden in our new home. We are so excited and talk about it nightly, ok, well, I talk about it nightly. We are also hoping to put in a few fruit trees this year as well.

What's going in your garden this year? What are your thoughts on heirloom plants, especially tomatoes?

Until next time, Lori

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