Thursday, January 28, 2010

This busy Mother loves soft water...and the lift it has given her life.

This week, I was very happy to get our soft water tank installed. I have to admit that over the years, I have been very skeptical of the whole "soft water" thing. I mean, the only people that I knew that ever had soft water where my parents. Which all that meant to me was that when you take a shower in their guest bath, you have to hang onto the walls for dear life! Soft water makes everything very slippery.

However, after much discussion with my hubby, we decided to get a soft water tank. Honestly, I still was pretty skeptical. But I would like to show you my results.

The glass on the left was washed with our previous hard water. The glass on the right was just washed with our new soft water. Can you tell a difference? I know I can. I had spent quite a bit of money trying to get rid of those darn hard water spots...and nothing ever worked until now!

I have to say thanks to my Culligan man!

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Betsy said...

Oh, I love soft water, too...especially in how in makes the dishes look...and how it helps your shampoo lather. :) What a lovely blog! I'll visit again!