Thursday, December 9, 2010

For the love of all things....FROSTY?

My daughter has a new love in her life. It all started this summer on a hot and humid 100 degree day. I put in the Frosty the Snowman DVD to get MY mind on cooler weather. I didn't know that just that simple act would cause such a big deal in my daughters little life!

Then, this fall I noticed that she started carrying the DVD around with her, like a precious baby. Followed then by wanting to watch it everyday. Ok I thought, no big deal.

Now the child is over the moon for all things snowmen related! She can literally spot a snowman across the room. She even sits on Sunday afternoons and peruses the newspaper advertisements in hopes that she may be able to find a snowman. I love it!

To add to her love, her Grandparents bought her a Frosty the Snowman shirt. When she is not wearing it, she tries to carry it around like a blankie! My Sweetie even bought her a singing Frosty that she has loved on so much already, that it is broken!

I had no idea that she would love snowmen this much, but I love watching her face light up and hearing her she scream..."Frosty Man"!

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Emily said...

How sweet! Isn't it funny what they end up loving? She will love to hear about this when she gets bigger! =)