Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Garden

I started my garden just a little over a month ago now. I have been hearing how great and wonderful pole green beans are, so I decided to grow some this year. I had read about a green bean tepee on many on-line blogs and thought it would be cute for my little ones if we had one as well. There were suppose to be more poles on the tepee but every time my hubby put one in the ground it would break due to his brute strength! Ha ha. So we were left with only three poles.

In this first garden, I planted green beans and acorn squash to the right of the tepee.

In the second garden there are plum and cherry tomatoes and one eggplant. When I was shopping for plants, Sissyboo put the eggplant in my cart, so I had to buy it and bring it home and plant it for her. So, now that little eggplant is all hers.

Here is my little garden as of yesterday. The tomatoes are coming in nicely and I will put them in cages this weekend.

The most fun of all has been watching my green beans reach to the top of the tepee! Every morning we would look out and the plant would reach a little higher. I am only sorry that the poles are not taller. I think they would reach heaven if we had a long enough pole.

Thank you for visiting my little garden with me.

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