Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm A Fantasy Football Widow

Here we go again!

We have been waiting for Football season to return since February. Along with Football, comes Fantasy football and that is taken very seriously here at My Magnolia Cottage!

My husband is joining two fantasy football leagues this year and boy is he working hard to make sure he gets just the right players. He has spreadsheets of all the players and their rankings and on a nightly basis he plays mock drafts. MOCK DRAFTS...who ever thought of that! It is so funny to sit and watch him trying to get the best players, in a pretend world!

I have to say though it is a lot of fun to cheer on My Sweetie's players. By the end of the year, I know all of his players and their teams and their injury's. I even participated in a small fantasy football league at the end of the season last year, but I didn't do very well. But, I didn't place last, which was my goal. Ha ha.

I always want to encourage and support my hubby in any of his hobbies, because it makes him happy! And who doesn't want a happy hubby?

Does your hubby have a hobby? Do you encourage him and get involved with his hobbies? It is such an encouragement to our spouses when we participate in things that they enjoy and love. Even if you don't think you will like their hobbies or sports teams, it may surprise you that once you get involved, you might actually like it!

2 Samuel 19:7a
Now go out and encourage your men.

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