Thursday, September 29, 2011

Loving your spouse all year long...

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in our home (except with the kids). I know it's odd to be writing this at the end of September, but it has been on my mind. So, when Valentine's Day rolls around I hear the same song and dance from My Sweetie. He says that Valentine's Day is a holiday made up by the greeting card companies. He says he doesn't need a date on the calender to have to remind him to tell me he loves me. Instead, he tells me all year long.

Sometimes, he tells me in big ways, like when All Clad Cookware shows up on my door unexpected. Sometimes it's a simple loving post of my Facebook wall, or a huge note on living room floor telling me how much he loves me.

Recently, when at 2:00 AM, I went downstairs to the fridge for the babies bottle, I find this little gem:

I too, try throughout the weeks and months to remind My Sweetheart that I love him. Little notes in his lunch sack or a bag of Corn Nuts on his dash board that say "I am nuts about you"! Little things with love notes on them.

We both try to make sure that even with our crazy lives with work and raising three small children, that we take the time and really say I love you in our own special way!

How do you show your spouse you love them?

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