Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Family Update

Little Missy Moo turns 10 months old today! What a joy she has been in our lives. On a daily basis My Sweetie says, if we could have 27 more just like her, we would. So, we are trying! Ha ha. She has been the best baby and is always happy and sweet. She is the best little eater too. Always wanting whatever we are eating and always wanting to be with the big kids. She is loved by all who come in contact wit her. We can not imagine our lives with out her little chubby legs speed crawling across the floor. We love and adore her.

Sissyboo is three and half years old and is full of life! She is quirky, so she always keeps us on our toes. She always has to have a dress on, a hat and shoes. She is often found playing with her favorite Buzz Lightyear toy. She loves him so much and he is never far away. She loves to work puzzles and draw! I often find rainbows drawn on windows, chalkboards and her mega doodle board. She is such a happy go lucky little girl. We just adore her sweetness and I always enjoy her willingness to help me around the house or with the baby.

My little Double D is not quite two and a half. He is such a Mama's boy. He loves hugs and giving hugs. However, he is all boy when it comes to his favorite toys. He is most often found running around with a train or a car in his hand. He loves me to read to him and count out things in books. He can say all of his ABC's and identify them. He knows all his colors and can count and is quickly learning how to add. He loves learning and it seems to be pretty easy. He already knows some words in French. His favorite little toy is his Brown Teddy Bear named Brown Ted. He can not sleep with out him. My favorite thing is that he loves for me to rock him before bed time. I love how he snuggles with me as we rock and we always have a sing-a-long. He asks me to sing Bicycle Built for Two at least three times as we rock. He is a sweet natured little guy.

My Sweetie is doing very well, just busy with work. I can not imagine my life with out him. We are just happy as clams raising our little family. He often says to me that he can't imagine why people wouldn't want children. My thoughts exactly. We often say if we would have met in our 20's we would have had 15 children by now. I am just so thankful for him and that he is my helpmate in every sense of the term. He is always eager to help me and seeks ways to make my life and work at home easier. I love him more every day!

That is what is going on with my little family at the beginning of 2012. Looking forward to seeing what this new year holds for us.

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