Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I could not live with out...

Being a Mommy to three little ones means that there are always little messes to clean up. So when I discovered Hoover Deep Cleansing Detergent I was overjoyed. At the time when My Sweetie purchased our steam cleaner for the carpets he also purchased the detergent. So before we steam clean the carpet and furniture I used to make a spray bottle with the detergent highly diluted and pre-treat the stains. Now I keep a spray bottle filled with water with a cap full of the detergent mix on hand. I am always amazed that just a little amount of the detergent could remove hard set in (when did that get there and just what the heck is that) stains.

Whether is is an entire bottle of soy sauce on brand new carpet or red juice spilled on the fabric dining room chairs, Hoover Deep Cleansing Detergent has removed them all!

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