Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring Mantel

Ok, I know it's not Spring JUST yet, but when we have had days in January that are in the 70's, my mind tends to wander that way. Plus, I live for Springtime, and the flowers. So, I try to hurry up through the dark and dreary days of Winter.

Here is my mantel that I put together for the Spring. I am trying to simplify things a bit this year. After Christmas, I was tired of the dark colors and wanted to really lighten things up a bit. So I went with fresh creams and sages. Dark colors bring me down, so I wanted something light and happy. Even the wreath has a bit of sage in it, and looks better in person then the photo. But I love how every thing matches the curtains.

Looking forward to seeing the sun again, Lori

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