Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Past: 1977

This Thanksgiving, I was recalling various Thanksgivings that I have spent with my family and one that always come to my mind is Thanksgiving 1977. I was only 3, but it still made a lasting impression on me. Not for any one thing, but the fact that most of my my Mom's 7 siblings, along with there spouses and my Grandmother were all gathered together at my Aunt Marilyn's home. I still have visions of my Mom and Aunts in the kitchen, working away. I can still taste my Mom's homemade buttered noodles.

As a child there is nothing more fun then being with all your Aunt's and Uncles and more importantly cousins. Have I ever mentioned that I have 19 first cousins on my Mom's side! I have always loved being a part of a big family.

So here are a few pictures from 1977 for my family to look and laugh at:

That's me with the ponytails! Happy as a clam!

As I prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I am planning on doing a series called "Counting My Blessings". So, with this post, I would like to say that I am blessed with an amazing God fearing and loving extended family.

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