Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come On In


Come On In
The Martins
Standing outside the door
Of love and mercy
You wonder if there's a place for you
You know there's peace inside
But you're searching
For someone who understands the pain
you've been through
Well, the Father waits with open arms
And He's calling out your name.

Come on in
Welcome home
You are loved
And you belong here now
No matter where you've been
Come on in

You'll find a place of rest
In the arms of Jesus
He's waited so long for your homecoming day
He knows the peace you need
And the hurt you're feeling
He wants to hold you and to wipe your tears away
Well, the door's unlocked, the lights are on
What are you waiting for?

I love that song by The Martins.
It states exactly what I want my home to be like.
So, Come On In!

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