Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Cream of Chicken Soup, Salad and Homemade Bread

Wednesday: Corned Beef and Cabbage, Potatoes and Shamrock Shake

Thursday: Rubens from left over Corned beef (This is My Sweetie's I don't have to cook!)

Friday: Chipotle Tamale Pie with a side of Chili's Salsa and chips

Saturday: Marinated Flank Steak with Blue Cheese Schmear (THIS IS DELISH)

Sunday: Fish and Fries

This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Betsy said...

Yum....all of those meals sounds so delish! And don't you just love the leftover nights? I've been trying to cook extras just to enjoy it again the next night. :)

Lara said...

This all sounds very good! I just discovered MPM, so I am going to start participating very soon! :-) AND... thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is so pretty.. love the background!!

My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

Betsy: I always try to make extra for My Sweetie's lunch the next day! I love the fact he will eat leftovers.

My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

Lara: You will love MPM! I have been doing it for over a year on my own (just keeping track on a calander) and when I saw was perfect.

Plus, I love looking at all the other blogger's meal ideas!

Have a great day, Lori