Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Children's Art Gallery

Before I had children I knew that I wanted to create little places in my home that were especially just for them.

The first little space I wanted to do was an art gallery to display all of their handiwork. I am not crazy about stuff hanging all over the refrigerator, so I came up with this little area on the back side of my pantry.

I found some great sticky letters in Tuesday Morning's craft area for the wording.
To hang the art work, I decorated four bulldog clips with ribbon and buttons.

Here you can see all four of the clips that I positioned to be able to hang different sizes of paper. We make a big deal every time we hang something up, so that the little ones know we cherish all of their handiwork.
Then I added a chalk board that is the perfect height for little hands.

It is imperative to me to show the children that we value all their hard work.

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Emily said...

This is a great idea! Now I'll be scouting a spot in my house for art display!