Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Mom Syndrome

The Supermom Syndrome
by Jennifer McHugh

Speedier than a 2 year old child. More powerful than a blender. She can wash tall piles of clothes in a single load. Look up in the attic- It’s a cook – It’s a maid – no It’s A Supermom!

Do you ever fall into the trap of Supermom? I think I should have the perfect child, fix gourmet dinners every night, and meet my husband at the door looking like a glamorous model as Mr. clean stands in the background with his arms folded and a big smile on his face. Mrs. Cleaver wouldn’t hold a candle on me!

Do you ever feel this way? I lie awake at night trying to plan how I will get all my many tasks done as well as spend quality time with my husband and children. If we try to be Supermom, the kryptonite of overcommitment will kill us. We may keep up this feverish pace for a while, but eventually we are doing no task well because we are burned out.

Some Supermom symptoms are:

Spending less quality time with God.
Losing sight of why I stay at home.
Putting too many things on my “to do” list.
Expecting my child to be Supergirl or boy.
Always having a spotless house.
Being on everybody’s volunteer list.
Allowing no time for spontaneity.
What’s the solution, Supermom? How can we be everything God wants us to be without getting burned out?

Each homemaker has been called to serve God in her own way. Yes, we are all homemakers, but we have different strengths. We need to go to the Lord and ask Him exactly what He wants us to be doing. When we put out Creator first and give Him our best, He will show us what we should do and where our priorities should be.

So take time with the Lord and remember why you are called to work in the home. Cut out some “to-do’s” have realistic expectations. It’s okay if you haven’t vacuumed today. Only one person was perfect on this earth: Jesus. Don’t beat yourself up. When all is said and done, what really matters?

Ask God what He wants you to be and spend time daily talking with Him about it, and He will tell you how to be “Super” in Him.

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