Friday, September 24, 2010

My Garden, Can You Dig It?

I just pulled the last of my tomatoes from my garden. I have to say, for my first real garden it was a hit with the family. We had all types of different veggies, but the tomatoes where the real stars.

Here is just a sample of the different types we had. One evening I sat down and did a taste test on all the different types, I had to laugh because to me they all tasted similar, they tasted just like...tomatoes!

We also had raspberries, however every time I would go out to get some, Sissyboo would eat them before we got back to the house! In fact, each time we go outside, she would run to the back yard and stop and pick the cherry tomatoes, pop those in her mouth on her way to the raspberry bush!

I hope to add more to our garden next year and add more raspberry bushes as well.

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Lora @ my blessed life said...

My garden did not produce much this year:( Although just this week (when I'd forgotten all about it since it was doing nothing) we discovered some peppers and green beans that were ripe and ready! And now I'm totally out of the gardening