Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today is a Pajama Day!

One of my favorite things is a dark rainy day, especially when we don't have any plans or places to go. So today I have instituted a Pajama Day, a day dedicated to being comfy and cozy in our pajamas.

This morning I put on fresh footy pajamas on the kiddos and we plan on spending the entire day being totally comfy. I only wish I had a pair of cutie footy pajama like the kids. My Sweetie and I call our pajamas "Comfys". So I will make sure I have his laying out for him when he comes home. I love it at night when we can all be nice and relaxed and not dressed up(after all, what is being at home if you're not comfy).

I am looking forward to seeing what family pajamas The Children's Place comes out with this year. Last year, I bought the kids matching pajamas and this year, I plan to get a pair for the entire family.

I hope you can find time in your day to be comfy and cozy!

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