Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy First Birthday Double D

I can not believe that a year has already past us by and Double D is a year old!

What a joy he is to me and my family.

I remember my very first thoughts the first time I laid eyes on My Double D. The first, was how much I was in love with this little boy. My second thought was, goodness he looks just like his Grandpa Larry!

My Sweetie and I always laugh because we never thought we would have a blond hair, blue eyed child that looks nothing like us. We always assumed he would look just like his sister. It is funny to see how different they are.

Double D has been such a blessing to us. He has such a sweet nature about him and has a lot of personality. He is totally in love with his big 13 month older sister Sissyboo. He follows her around and imitates everything she does.

We are all so in love with our little man!

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