Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I heart the Handyman...Because He Helps Me Organize!

Several years ago when we moved into our new home, we had grand plans to organize all of our belongings. However, two weeks after we moved in Sissyboo was born. Then four months after Sissyboo came along, I got pregnant with Double D. Organizing our new home would have to wait.

So, before number 3 comes along in a few weeks, we had a mission to organize our basement. We fell in love with this house mainly because it had a partially finished basement with a bedroom and bath and a living area. But, it also had a large unfinished area were we could use for storage.

Several weeks ago, My Sweetie and I (I held the boards) built these shelves to bring some order to our chaos.

Here is the before picture:

This is after we built the shelves:

I am embarrassed to say that this whole wall is nothing but decorations:

I also had My Sweetie install a bar to hang winter coats on as well as these garment bags:

I started organizing my wrapping paper and bags in these types of garment bags years ago! I put gift bags in one and wrapping paper in another. I love having everything right where I need it!

Here is another part of the basement where we put more shelves:

These boxes are mainly children's clothing and odd and ends:

I also had my Sweetheart Handyman install utility hooks to hang up my wreaths. Now I can just pull them down when I need them and they don't have to be squished into boxes.

They always say a girl looks for traits of her Father in her mate! I am so blessed to have My Sweetie as a wonderful handyman. On a weekly basis I tell Sissyboo that there isn't anything her Daddy can't fix or make for us, just like my Mom used to tell me!

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