Friday, February 18, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings....

My pregnancy cravings have varied with each child, with Sissyboo, the only thing I wanted to drink was sweet tea and with Double D, all I wanted to eat was mango's (in which I found I was highly allergic). This pregnancy I have been driving my hubby nuts with cravings for soft pretzels!

Hot, fresh, soft pretzels to be exact.

I soon discovered this little place close by in downtown St. Louis:

Gus' Pretzels is a family owned business that has been making pretzels since the 1920's. It is fun to go into their shop because they have a large viewing area where you can watch the pretzels being made from scratch!

After we stop by Gus' we always swing by My Sweetie's office to give him a pretzel as well.

I have a feeling that now until the baby is born we will be making many more trips over there for soft pretzels. Especially since I have been there twice this week already!

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terica said...

How weird! That is exactly what I am craving this time too! I LOVE THEM! I want them all the time. I should figure out where this is, or we should go together sometime. Bennett was watermelon, the twins were hot sauce and rotesserie chicken, maddox was any fruit and tomatoes, Paxton was nothing because I was so sick and this one is pretzels, oranges and pizza. Weird. You are getting so close! Can't wait!

Sorry for the long comment:)!