Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Storm 2011

Our meteorologist have been in full storm mode for the last few days. When the news meteorologist take off their sport coats and roll up their sleeves to report on the storm, you know there is bad weather is due.

However, we were a bit disappointed. What was forcast as an inch of ice and then on topped off with 18 inches of snow, turned out to be mostly sleet with an inch of snow. To say that we were a bit disappointed is an understatement.

My Sweetie loves snow. He was bouncing off the walls in hopes for a blizzard on Tuesday, only to watch it just sleet for hours on end. However, he did get the day off from work, which is always a blessing.

So, here's hoping to another blizzard, if anything, to thrill my honey!

Hoping you are all safe and toasty!

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