Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My First Stockpile

I had never heard of the term stockpiling before I started reading the coupon blogs last year. Now, that I am aware that you can stockpile all of your deals to save for the future, I needed a place to start my little collection of food and household goods. I have just started, so it looks a little meager. But I do have tons of Old Orchard Apple Juice I purchase for $.50 a bottle and lots of boxes Raisin Bran Cereal I purchased for less then a $1.00 a box.

Last weekend My Sweetie said let's make your stockpiling shelves! So during the kid's nap time, he ran out and got the lumber and after the kids went to bed, we assembled this little shelving unit. The good thing was that with the shelves we put up before, this one took us less then an hour to make!

This Fall, I started getting a really good deal on Similac Infant Formula, and then used a coupon, costing me only $.84 a bottle. I can't pass up this great deal! Now every time we go to the store, we pick up a few more to put in the stockpile. Even if the baby doesn't use it, we aren't very much money and we can donate it.

Stockpiling is a fun way to use up all those great coupons!

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